Directory Submission

Manual Directory Submission Packages

100 Directory Submission $24
24 Cents / Submission
150 Directory Submission $33
22 Cents / Submission
200 Directory Submission $40
20 Cents / Submission
250 Directory Submission $50
20 Cents / Submission
300 Directory Submission $54
18 Cents / Submission
400 Directory Submission $64
16 Cents / Submission
500 Directory Submission $70
14 Cents / Submission
750 Directory Submission $90
12 Cents / Submission

How we are different ?

  • We check for the number of pages Indexed by Google, page rank, alexa rank, moz rank, IP Location. No. of directories on same ip address. Considering all the factors, we determine whether to submit or not.
  • We check how often a directory owner/webmaster approves the submissions. Webmasters who do not approves links in months, we do not submit in them.
  • We check for the directories, which are manually edited or automated. We only submit to manualy/human edited directories.
  • We do all submissions manually, no automated software used.
  • We do submissions periodically - making it look naturally
    (You can specify, the max number of submissions per day)
  • We give the option of giving Unique Titles and Descriptions for each directory. (i.e. You can give us 500 Unique titles and descriptions for 500 Directory Submission Package. )
  • We do not over charge our customers.
  • We handle emails without any additional charge.
  • Every week a report is generated.